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Principals / Partners

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Pepperl & Fuchs Principals/Partners

Automation and Process Interface Technology ... 

Pepperl+Fuchs is known globally as a pioneer and an innovator in electrical explosion protection and sensor technology.

Over 70 years ... 

From the automotive factory floor, to wastewater treatment plants, to packaging equipment, printing machinery, and corrosion protection, Pepperl+Fuchs is the ideal partner for factory automation and process automation projects that require industry-specific technologies.

Our products are designed to meet environmental requirements, whether that means indoor, outdoor, clean, harsh, corrosive, or hazardous.


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Two Main Product Areas:

- Industrial Sensors

- Explosive Protection


A. Industrial Sensors

Pepperl Fuchs Industrial Sensors


Products of Industrial Sensors includes,

- Proximity Sensors (Inductive, Capacitive, Magnetic),

- Photoelectric Sensors,

- Industrial Vision,

- Ultrasonic Sensors,

- Rotary Encoders,

- Positioning Systems,

- Inclination and Acceleration Sensors,

- Industrial Communication,

- Identification Systems (RFID, Data Matrix, Barcode),

- Displays and Signal Processing,

- Software.


Applications in the global market includes,

- Mechanical Engineering,

- Automotive Industry,

- Material Handling,

- Packaging,

- Print & Paper Industry,

- Doors, Gates & Elevator Construction,

- Process Equipment,

- Mobile Equipment,

- Renewable Energy.


B. Explosive Protection

Pepperl Fuchs Explosive Protection


Products of Explosion Protection includes,

- Intrinsic Safety Isolators,

- Zener Barriers,

- Signal Conditioners,

- FieldConnex Fieldbus Infrastructure Technology,

- Remote I/O Systems,

- HART Interface Systems,

- Surge Protection,

- Wireless Solutions,

- Intrinsically Safe Mobile Devices,

- Industrial Monitors + Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for hazardous environments,

- Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment,

- Purge + Pressurization Systems,

- Power Supplies,

- Level Measurement,

- Software.


Applications in the global market includes,

- Process Industry,

- Oil & Gas Industry,

- Marine & Offshore Industry,

- Petrochemical & Chemical Industry,

- Pharmaceutical Industry,

- Wastewater Treatment Plants,

- Power Technology.



Download Additional information:

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Isolated Barriers (K-/H- System), Universal Barriers, Surge Protection, Signal Conditioners, HART Interface Technology

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Process Interface, Remote I/O Systems, Fieldbus Infrastructure Product Guide  

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Process Automation for Marine & Offshore Applications

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Sensors and System Product Overview for Factory Automation



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