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Green Power

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Industrial / Green Power


“ The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of our planet. ”
- John F. Kennedy


Industrial / Green PowerProducts

MOWE applications not limited to only offshore, we also perform work in power stations and petrochemical industries.

Mowe Super Heater Installation at EDRA Power Plant

A. Super Heater for Power Station

Super Heater is a device used to convert saturated steam or wet steam into superheated steam or dry steam used in power stations. Superheated steam increases the plant’s capacity since each pound of steam contains a higher energy content (BTU) per pound than saturated steam.

Advantage of using superheated steam:

  • - Reduces condensation in steam lines and reduces engines steam consumption.
  • - Eliminates erosion of turbine blading by insuring that only dry steam enters the turbine. 
  • - Reduces the size of the boiler, turbine and connecting piping for a given output. 

Mowe Super HeatersIllustrates Steam Super Heaters

Steam Super Heater 

This compact steam super heater reaches high steam temperatures even at low process pressure. Due to the compact design and control concept, they are characterised by short response times, high control precision, and high availability (existing redundancies).

Our steam super heaters are mostly designed as a “stand-alone” system and completely assembled with all necessary safety devices and controls.

Area of application:

Autonomous, continuous steam superheating to a high steam temperature at low process pressure.

Functional principle:

In the steam super heater, (saturated) steam is indirectly superheated by electrical tubular heaters. The desired steam temperature is used as a control variable. In case of a strongly varying throughput, the flow signal is also integrated into the control concept.

In this way, the heating capacity is optimally adapted to the process and overheating is prevented.


  • - Use even in explosive atmospheres
  • - Large range of services and high energy density
  • - High efficiency since the energy is almost completely converted into heat
  • - High operating safety Easy control concept and high temperature consistency
  • - Material selection upon customer desire
  • - Easy mounting and commissioning
  • - No local emission sources
  • - Low investment costs


B. Renewable Energy Solar Containers

Mowe Solar Containers System1

Illustrates Solar Containers System


Mowe partners GreenTec Germany to joint venture into Solar Containers renewable energy. This Solar Containers system is a decentralized and mobile off-grid solar power plant which can be customized to serve a broad range of applications.

Solar container power range

GreenTec is a developer and manufacturer of Solar Container, a mobile plug & play power plant system with storage capacity for remote areas. They carried out numerous successful projects in Mourdiah, Mali.

Currently there will be a project to roll out 50 Solar Containers in remote areas.


Solar Container System Layout

Applications of Solar Containers System:

  • - Supply electrical power for up to 300 households per solar container.
  • - Power supply for small business, hotels, farms and more.
  • - Power plant for industrial operations.



  • - Environmentally friendly – No fossil fuel consumption, no noise, no pollutant emissions.
  • - Mobile and easily deploy from one location to another.
  • - Fold out solar modules with minimal setup time and effort.
  • - All-in-One solution for decentralized on-/off-grid power generation.
  • - Efficient and compact clean energy power generation, with modular add-ons upgrade available.


Mowe Solar Containers System


C. Industrial Heating – Concrete / Cold Room / Pipe Heating

Mowe partners Klopper Therm Germany in customising and integrating the complete package for Industrial Electrical Heating Systems according to client requirements and also Super Heater package for power plants, to provide optimised, safe, and energy-efficient process management.

Klopper Therm has been in the industry for heating for the past 80 years.  

Range of Industrial Heating Products

Underfloor heating and cooling is a form of central heating and cooling which achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort using conduction, radiation and convection. It is definitely also used for thermal control in prevention of concrete moist in cold rooms.

Electric Heating Element

Illustrates Electric heating element


Electric systems are used only for heating and employ non-corrosive, flexible heating elements including cables, pre-formed cable mats, bronze mesh, and carbon films. Due to their low profile they can be installed in a thermal mass or directly under floor finishes. Electric systems can also take advantage of time-of-use electricity metering and are frequently used as carpet heaters, portable under area rug heaters, under laminate floor heaters, under tile heating, under wood floor heating, and floor warming systems, including under shower floor and seat heating. Large electric systems also require skilled designers and tradespeople but this is less so for small floor warming systems. Electric systems use fewer components and are simpler to install and commission than hydronic systems. Some electric systems use line voltage technology while others use low voltage technology. Power consumption of an electric system is not based on voltage but rather wattage output produced by the heating element.

underfloor heating pix1

Illustrates Electric underfloor heating system

Or you are trying to accomplish with an underfloor heater in this case is to keep the ground underneath your freezer from "heaving". When water freezes it expands, this can cause the ground to "heave" and break your floor. As it heaves more liquid gets under it, freezes, and heaves again.  Buildings are damaged easily by heaving floors.

Heating do not just take place in floors, heating can also take place with pipes, tanks and other locations. Pipe heating / Tank heating will prevent the liquid form solidifying and provide the much needed process flow.


Electric heat tracing, heat tape or surface heating, is a system used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes, valves and tanks. Trace heating takes the form of an electrical heating elements, tubes, heating wires or various heating solution run in physical contact along the length of a pipe. The pipe must then be covered with thermal insulation to retain heat losses from the pipe. Heat generated by the element then maintains the temperature of the pipe. Trace heating may be used to protect pipes from freezing, to maintain a constant flow temperature in hot water systems, or to maintain process temperatures for piping that must transport substances that solidify at ambient temperatures. Electric trace heating cables are an alternative to steam trace heating where steam is not available or unwanted.[2]

Heat Tracing On Pipes With Heating Elements
Illustrates heat tracing on pipes with heating elements.


Advantage of using electrical heating systems:

  • - High operational safety
  • - Small dimensions
  • - Immediately availability
  • - 100% efficiency
  • - High outlet temperature
  • - Optimal function control
  • - Easy installation, low maintenance costs and long lifetime.


D. Industrial Automation - Hydraulics + Pneumatics + Electrics

Mowe Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is the replacement with computers and machines to that of human thinking. The word Automation gives the meaning ‘self dictating’ or ‘a mechanism move by itself’ that derived from the Greek words Auto and Matos where auto means self while Matos means moving.

In a brief, industrial automation can be defined as the use of set technologies and automatic control devices that results the automatic operation and control of industrial processes without significant human intervention and achieving superior performance than manual control. These automation devices include PLCs, PCs, PACs, etc. and technologies include various industrial communication systems.

As MOWE, we understood this concept well and always aspire to set a good benchmark in automation with choosing correcting and mating components, highly reliable components and widely available components.



  • - Increase productivity
  • - Reduce routine checks
  • - Lower cost of operations
  • - Invoke confidence in system as operations use them overtime


Various levels of Automation:

Mowe Industrial Automation Levels 


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