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Piping & Fabrication Works


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Piping & Fabrication Works Services

Steel Piping / Stainless Steel Piping Network supply, fabrication, installation, repair, testing and commissioning for the Marine-Offshore, Industrial, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industries.

Piping Fabrications


Mowe Piping Network Services

1. Steel / Stainless Steel Piping Supply

    • a) Conduct Material Receiving Inspection for Steel/Stainless Steel Pipes.
      All piping and fittings shall be inspected and tested in accordance with the relevant product standard (or code) and as stated in the Purchase requisition.
    • Material Receiving Inspection 1800 800 px
    • b) Piping Fabrication & Assembly.
      Piping fabrication is a critical activity on any oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals or any other construction projects where piping network system are required. Mowe ensures maximum quality of work in this activity to ensure proper functioning of piping system.
    • Pipe fabrication involves assembling pipes and pipe fittings according to the spool drawing, the process of cutting, bevelling, and welding of piping components such as pipes, tees, elbows, flanges, reducers, etc., as specified by the design documents.
    • In the process and power piping industry, piping fabrication is a highly critical as it involves hundreds of components and thousands of steps and requires a high degree of precision. Thus piping fabrication needs to be properly planned, scheduled, and executed as per design specification.
    • Pipe cutting and welding 1800 800 px

2. Piping Rack and Steel Structural Fabrication & Erection

      • A pipe rack is the main artery of a processing unit. It connects all equipment with lines that cannot run through adjacent areas. Because it is located in the middle of most plants, the pipe rack must be erected first, before it becomes obstructed by rows of equipment. Pipe racks carry process, and utility piping, and also include instrument and electrical cable trays, as well as equipment mounted over all of these.
      • The width of the rack shall be 6 m, 8 m, or 10 m for single bay and 12 m, 16 m, or 20 m for double bay having 4 tiers maximum. The spacing between pipe rack portals shall be taken as 6m in general. For Offsite, clearance beneath the pipe rack shall be 2.2 m minimum both in longitudinal and transverse directions.
      • Erection of structural steelwork consists of the assembly of steel components into a frame on site. It involves lifting, positioning and laying of the piping system and securing its related accessories to make it ready for fluid transfer. Proper piping installation following codes and standards are key to safety and good operation.

piping structural construction

3. Hydrostatic Test of Piping System

Mowe conducts Hydrostatic test on the piping system after completing visual examinations and the entire piping work has been certified by Owner’s inspector to be fit for Hydrostatic test. This test is used to evaluate the structural soundness of the welds of the pipeline or other pressure containing infrastructure. The test is performed at pressures above the normal operating conditions of the pipeline.

During the test, the pipe is filled with water and the water pressure is increased, held for a certain duration, and then released. It is important to remove all water used for hydrostatic test and dry the pipeline before operation, otherwise the locations where water accumulates become susceptible to internal corrosion. To avoid this issue, sometimes nitrogen is used for pressure testing.



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