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Hot and cold fresh water supply skid complete with filtering, hydrophore, and water heating systems for marine and offshore applications. Hydrophore means obtaining water from any desired depth. Generally used in tall buildings and on board ships, 24-hours operational.

MOWE’s profound experience and capabilities in system solution not only in design & integration of Hot water system in Marine & Offshore industries, we also has the abilities in providing Marine Hydrophore System / Packages for Fresh Water & Sanitary Water systems according to customer’s specification used in marine industry.

Un-interrupted Water Supply

Hydrophore System is designed to pump and maintain the pressure of the water supplied to the different locations of the ship at various heights to keep the constant pressure of water in lines and at all floors of the ship.

There are two Hydrophore systems used on board:

  • Fresh water Hydrophore System - used as drinking water, gally use etc. after treatment
  • Sanitary Hydrophore System – used for laundry, shower, toilet use etc.

System Operation:

Hydrophore System is connected with Fresh water generator (FWG), with salinometer & ppm controller. There is a dump valve through which controlled fresh water is passed to Water storage tank and then to Hydrophore Pressure Tank.

A Hydrophore Pressure Tank is used which is partially filled with water and above that compressed air is provided for head pressure. Compressed air builds head pressure, so that water can reach up to highest level and remote places.

As the water level falls in the Hydrophore Pressure Tank, the air pressure also will be reduces and when the reduced pressure is less than set pressure the hydrophore pump will start. As the water fills up in the tank the air pressure also rises and if it is equal to high level set air pressure, the pump will stop.

From first hydrophore tank sanitary water is supplied i.e for sanitary use. Now, a connection is made to chlorinate and dechlorinate the water and supplied to second hydrophore tank through another hydrophore pump. Water from this tank is compared and finally domestic use water is produced by the system.

domestic water


Hydrophore Pressure Tanks are manufactured in two designs:

  • Vertical Closed Expansion Tank,
  • Horizontal Closed Expansion Tank.

Hydophore Pressured Tank vertical and horizontal

Features of Hydrophore Pressure Tank:

  • Volume capacities ranging from 280 litres to 5000 litres.
  • Tank material is hot dipped galvanized steel or AISI 304L stainless steels or 316L stainless steels are available.

MOWE’s team of engineers are proficient in system designing and integrating which complies with marine approvals and ISO certifications. The pressure vessels used in the supply system are designed to comply with the standards of ASME, EN 13445, AD-2000, PED according to the project requirements. If requested test certificates for our products can be provided from IACS member class societies such as DNV-GL, ABS, LRS, BV, RMRS, RINA.

We have the confidence in providing the ship owner with a long lasting trouble-free source for water supply.


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