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MOWE - Exclusive Sales Distributor and Service Partner of Nakamura Koki Japan in Singapore & Malaysia.

SINGAPORE - September 2020

MOWE is Nakamura Koki (Japan) sole Exclusive Sales Distributor in Singapore as well as in Malaysia. We offer sales of all Nakamura products like accumulators, N2 Booster Pump, and also provide design & integration of customised hydraulic systems / solutions customized for marine, offshore, industrial applications, etc…

Nakamura Accumulator are Brazilian NR13 compliance. NR13 is Brazilian government’s health and safety for pressure vessels and boilers. Much effort has been placed into testing Nakamura accumulators to have the company and product understands and complies to NR13 standards.

Mowe now has the capability in offering repair & maintenance services to Nakamura accumulators and systems.

Contact us or Nakamura Japan for more information of NR13 compliance products.

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MOWE completed delivery of overhaul, installation and commissioning to Hydraulic Valve Control System Valves / Actuators of FSO Golden Bell for Malaysia Vietnam Offshore Terminal (MVOT).

MALAYSIA - September 2020

End September 2020, we completed repair and overhaul of 98 valves / actuators. We also supply an Emergency Shut Down Valve 18” Ball Valve with pneumatic actuator for off-loading line. All equipment, valve cabinet, control console, HPU, deck boxes and ESDV installation and commissioning at vessel completed and handed over to client.



MOWE completed supply and delivery of Complete Valve Control System package to FPSO HELANG for YINSON Production.

MALAYSIA - June 2020

Mid of 2020, we delivered a complete Hydraulic Valve Control System for FPSO HELANG. This package including 102 remote control valves for Cargo and Ballast valves, equipment processor cabinet interface with ICSS, Deck boxes, 1000 Litres HPU and Accumulator rack, HMI Touch Screen and Work Station.

FPSO Helang Valve Control System


MOWE - OGA 2019 Asian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition in KL Malaysia

Malaysia - 18th to 20th June 2019

Mowe is Exclusive Partner of Klopper Therm in both Malaysia and in Singapore. One of our core capabilities is providing solutions/packages on Electrical Heating System.

Thank you all for visiting us at OGA 2019 Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Hope to hear from you soon…

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MOWE - Exclusive Sales Distributor and Certified Service Partner of Dennis Nakakita in Singapore & Malaysia.

Singapore - 14th May 2020

MOWE is now an Exclusive Sales Distributor and Authorised Certified Service Partner of Dennis Nakakita both in Singapore as well as in Malaysia. We are involved in sales and our servicing team is certified trained in servicing Nakakita products with genuine Dennis Nakakita parts to guarantee the process of servicing.

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MOWE -  Exclusive Distributor of OMV-INDOIL in Malaysia.

Singapore - 14th May 2020

MOWE is now an Exclusive Distributor of OMV-INDOIL in Malaysia. We offer all ranges of OMV valves and products. OMV is a market leader in manufacturing industrial valves in Europe...

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MOWE -  Exclusive Partner of PON's Company SWTS in Malaysia.

Singapore - 13th March 2019

MOWE is now an Exclusive Partner of SWTS (a PON Company). We are involved in Gensets, Engines and Machinery, Switchboards, Drives, Motor ( AC / DC ). MOWE offers new and used Gensets, Engines and also having our own repair team. We manufacture our own Switchboards ranging from LV to MV of 33KV for onshore and offshore equipment. Drilling equipment, Jacking systems etc...

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SWTS Exclusive Partner Mowe


MOWE -  Dealer / Seller of Pepperl+Fuchs (Germany) for Myanmar and Asia Region.

Singapore - 15th August 2018

MOWE is now a Dealer / Seller of Pepperl+Fuchs (Germany). We offers all range of stocks in Industrial Sensors and Explosive Protection products at a competitive pricing together with after sales support. Forecast of stocking also available at special price and more...

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Pepperl Fuchs


MOWE’s Social and Community Contributions to Special Education Integration Program School Students (PPKI SK) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

JB Malaysia – 20th & 21st August 2017

MOWE Marine Offshore reached out to support a 2-days educational events for the Special Education Integration Program for School Students (PPKI SK) of Malaysia.

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MOWE - Sole Exclusive Distributor and Authorised Service Partner of Dennis Nakakita Spain.

Singapore - 19th June 2017

MOWE is please to announce that we are awarded authorization as sole Exclusive Distributor and Authorised Service Partner of Dennis Nakakita Spain.

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MOWE - Sole Exclusive Distributor of Alscott HVAC (Canada) and Dan Marine Galley Equipment

Singapore - 1st April 2016

MOWE is please to announce that we have obtained authorization as Exclusive Distributor of Alscott Marine Offshore HVAC (Canada) for HVAC and Refrigeration systems for global marine and offshore industry.

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MOWE - Sole Exclusive Distributor of Den Holder The Netherlands

Singapore - 12th February 2016

MOWE is please to announce that we have obtained authorization as Exclusive Distributor of Den Holder B.V. in The Netherlands.

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MOWE - Exclusive Distributor of Chibro Italy

Singapore - 1st January 2016

MOWE is pleased to announce that we have obtained authorization to be an Exclusive Distributor of Chibro product and services in Malaysia.

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MOWE completed delivery of Hot Water Skid to Shell Malikai and 3skids packages to Petronas

MALAYSIA - December 2015

End 2015, we delivered Hot Water package to Shell Malikai TLP Deepwater platform. Meeting Shell's stringent standards and delivery requirements was overcome to achieve this success.

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MOWE completed delivery of FPSO Cendor 2 for Cendor Field

MALAYSIA - 28th March 2014

MOWE has successfully delivered Cendor 2 FPSO delivering 5 major systems onboards. Ranging from Valve systems, Tank System, Load Computor Systeme to Quick Closing Valve Systems, Hydraulic Power Unit, Deck Machinery and Redundant System interfacing with Yokogawa ICSS.

FPSO Cendor 2 

Murphy Oil Permas Field Chemical Injection Skid worth over US $2 million

SINGAPORE, 10th September 2013

MOWE, a leading global offshore provider of integrated offshore solutions to the oil and gas (O&G) industry, today announced that its Services division Mowe been awarded projects worth a total of approximately US$2million, including options.