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& Testing Facilities

Innovation … is our goal

“ True innovation is coming up with a product
that the customer didn’t even know they needed. ”


Manufacturing & Testing FacilitiesCapability

Mowe Capability - Manufacturing Facilities

A) Manufacturing Facilities

Mowe Marine & Offshore has capabilities and facilities in manufacturing simple, compact, rugged, and long-lasting design marine hydraulic components, manifolds and actuators.

With experience and consistent design improvements made over many years of offshore installations and commissioning.

Our manufacturing capabilities includes,

    1. Machining of hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic valves, valve position indicators, hydraulic actuators, etc

      Manifolds :

      A hydraulic manifold is a manifold that regulates fluid flow between pumps and actuators and other components in a hydraulic system. It is composed of assorted hydraulic valves connected to each other that combines various states of these valves to allow complex control behaviour in a manifold.

      Mowe’s team of highly-skilled specialists, with a comprehensive knowledge of hydraulics system and computer-aided facilities, are well capable of designing and manufacturing high quality, reliable & cost effective standard & custom hydraulic manifolds caters from simple to complex systems.

      With our knowledge & experience, integrity & honesty, we are committed to assist customers in developing the right solution for their hydraulic and manifold requirements, and successfully fulfils their applications and expectations.

      Mowe 6 station ManifoldIllustrates Mowe's 6-Station Manifold

      Mowe Complete ManifoldIllustrates a Complete Manifold


      Blocks & Plates :

      Mowe Blocks Plates


      Check Valve, Trottle Valve, Ex-Proof Valves :

      Mowe Trottle Valve Check Valve Ex Proof Valve


      Hydraulic Actuators :

      MOWE partners with Dennis Nakakita Spain, integrating Dennis Nakakita’s Scotch Yoke Actuator into our products. Dennis Nakakita is a leading manufacturer for actuators in international Oil & Gas, Marine/Navy & Shipping, Energy and Water markets since 1973.

      Dennis Nakakita is accreditied for ISO 9001:2008 by Det Norsake Veritas and has been awarded Worldwide Chamber Trust Seal certificate. MOWE is confident to deliver high quality and reliable hydraulic system to customers.

      MOWE integrates Scotch Yoke Actuators in our hydraulic products. Scotch Yoke Actuators uses a reciprocating motion mechanism, converting the linear motion of a slider into rotational motion, or vice versa. This actuator delivers optimum torque outputs from linear movement of the piston and is ideal for quarter turn valve applications. Furthermore, Scotch Yoke Actuators are available in symmetrical and canted designs to suit specific valve characteristics.


      -    High Efficiency.

      -    Weather proof.

      -    Compact piston seals design with simple actuator mounting.

      -    Replaceable Bearing (Wear & Tear).

      -    Easy repair and maintenance as actuator do not need to be dismounted from valve.

      Mowe Hydraulic ActuatorsIllustrates Scotch Yoke Actuator Controlled Valves


    3. Manufacturing of  control consoles, cabinets, distribution boards, deck boxes from Safe Areas to Hazardous area,  etc

      Mowe Control Cabinets Distribution Board

    B) Testing Facilities

    1. Hydro testing, pressure testing facilities
    2. Hydraulic, Pneumatic stroke testing
    3. Partial stroke testing & recording
    4. Hydraulic oil cleanliness analysis / testing
    5. Product QA / QC inspections

      • Profile Projection measurements 
      • Various accuracy measurements
    6. Other Test Capabilities

     Mowe Capability- Test Facilities Load Charpy NDT PMI Holiday Testing services