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Process Heaters

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Process HeatersProducts/ Heating System

Mowe partners Klopper Therm Germany in customising and integrating the complete package for Industrial Electrical Heating Systems according to client requirements, to provide optimised, safe, and energy-efficient process management.

Process Heaters for Refineries & Petrochemical Industries

Klopper Therm has been in the industry for heating for the past 80 years.

Klopper is inside Shell, Technip, Chevron and nuclear plants makers list. Klopper is also main supplier to Siemens Energy. 

The SDRC / DRC series is very diverse and is planned and manufactured according to the specifications of our customers. This series has been developed specifically to meet the needs of our customers in the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries, ie operators in whom explosion protection plays a central role.

Mowe Klopper Process Heater

Illustrates Process Heater - Type Series SDRC / DRC

The principle function of Process Heater is to have a continuous heating of the medium by heat exchange between tubular heater and medium. Our competency consists in individually and optimally adapting the heat exchange surface to the operating conditions to ensure that the process temperature is reached without exceeding the permissible heating surface temperature or the permissible pressure loss.

An essential feature of this process heater is its robustness, which is reflected in the choice of the explosion protection concept. The available material range of wetted parts ranges from unalloyed steels to alloyed heat-resistant grades to high-alloy stainless steels and nickel-based alloys.

Mowe Process Heater Heating Elements

Illustrates Hairpin Heating Elements

Hairpin heating elements are mainly used for heating up gases and liquids. The standard hairpin heating elements consist of a metal jacket pipe with a diameter of 8.5 to 16 mm, bended U-shaped. The heating wire is located in the centre of the pipe, embedded in highly compressed magnesium oxide. This guarantees an excellent isolation resistance and a perfect heat conductivity between heating conductor and jacket pipe. The elements are installed into the tube sheet of heating insert by brazing, welding or screw connections.

Mowe Electric Heaters Control Cabinet

Illustrates Process Heater Switchboard and Control Cabinet

The power of all process heaters are regulated and control via switchboard and control panels for erection in distribution stations or outdoor, and also in hazardous areas. Functional acceptance test is performed prior to delivery.

Application range for Process Heaters include among others the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel, textile, cellulose, oil and gas industries as well as power stations and refineries.


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