About Us

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“ Our greatest asset is the customer...
Treat each customer as if they are the only one. ”
- Laurice Leitao

Customer loyalty … is priceless



We live on earth, we have heritage, we need to bring this understanding forward for our generations to come.

Mowe Accreditations 2022

Certification and upgrading makes us wise. Protecting our company, protecting our environment and protecting our environment and protecting each other make us humans and humane.  We try our best to the most correct direction possible.

Mowe Marine & Offshore is a member of Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) in Singapore.  We are also authorised as one of MISC Group of Companies Vendor in Malaysia, a registered Vendor of Johor Port Berhad and also a registered Vendor of Petronas in Malaysia.

Mowe Accreditation

  • Shell ref Letter Mowe1









Mowe is honoured to be recommended by Shell in supplying Hot Water Skid System to Malikai.



Mowe Marine & Offshore serves with safety and quality.


Mowe Reference Projects