Steam Super Heaters

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Steam Super Heaters

Products / Heating System

“ The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of our planet. ”
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Steam Super HeatersProducts / Heating System

MOWE applications not limited to only offshore, we also perform work like Super Heater in Power Stations, projects in Refineries & Petrochemical Industries.

Mowe Super Heater Installation at EDRA Power Plant

Super Heater for Power Station

Super Heater is a device used to convert saturated steam or wet steam into superheated steam or dry steam used in power stations. Superheated steam increases the plant’s capacity since each pound of steam contains a higher energy content (BTU) per pound than saturated steam.

Advantage of using superheated steam:

  • - Reduces condensation in steam lines and reduces engines steam consumption.
  • - Eliminates erosion of turbine blading by insuring that only dry steam enters the turbine. 
  • - Reduces the size of the boiler, turbine and connecting piping for a given output. 


Mowe Super Heaters

Illustrates Steam Super Heaters

Steam Super Heater 

This compact steam super heater reaches high steam temperatures even at low process pressure. Due to the compact design and control concept, they are characterised by short response times, high control precision, and high availability (existing redundancies).

Our steam super heaters are mostly designed as a “stand-alone” system and completely assembled with all necessary safety devices and controls.

Area of application:

Autonomous, continuous steam superheating to a high steam temperature at low process pressure.

Functional principle:

In the steam super heater, (saturated) steam is indirectly superheated by electrical tubular heaters. The desired steam temperature is used as a control variable. In case of a strongly varying throughput, the flow signal is also integrated into the control concept.

In this way, the heating capacity is optimally adapted to the process and overheating is prevented.


  • - Use even in explosive atmospheres
  • - Large range of services and high energy density
  • - High efficiency since the energy is almost completely converted into heat
  • - High operating safety Easy control concept and high temperature consistency
  • - Material selection upon customer desire
  • - Easy mounting and commissioning
  • - No local emission sources
  • - Low investment costs


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