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A hydrophore system consists of a set of pumps, connected to a tank, mounted on a skid frame with control panel. Pumps draw fluid typically from a sealed tank located elsewhere, which is then pumped to pressurise a bladder within a tank adjacent on the skid.

A hydrophore pressure tank is used which is partially filled with water and above that compressed air is provided for head pressure. Compressed air builds head pressure, so that water can reach up to highest level and remote places.

Mowe’s has the ability in providing Hydrophore System / Packages Hydrophore tanks for Fresh Water, Sanitary Water and Potable Water Systems according to customer’s specifications and potable water approved standards.

Hydrophore system package

Hydrophore system consists of :

(Air compressor can be of Oil Free/ Clean Water compressors)

A hydrophore pressure tank is to store fresh water and monitors and maintains the water pressure in the tank in order to sustain a 24-hours operational supply of fresh water at constant water pressure in the pipelines to multiple location in the vessel and at any desired height of the ship or building.



There are two Hydrophore systems used globally.

1.   Fresh Water Hydrophore System - are typically used for human consumption, as drinking water after treatment, gally use like sinks, laundry and showers. Fresh Water Hydrophore System is connected with Fresh water generator (FWG), with salinometer & ppm controller. There is a dump valve through which controlled fresh water is passed to Water storage tank and then to Hydrophore Pressure Tank.

This type of package involves equipment like:

- UV Sterilisers

- Activated Carbon Filters

- Chlorination of water

- Anodizing of water

- Alkaline electrolysis of water

Depending on the demand of the potable water, various treatments are in place to produce the needed water.

Such potable water systems usually have a higher control over the flow rate of water as water needs to be treated in a controlled environment.

2.   Sea Water Hydrophore System – used for sanitary application, deck wash, equipment wash and even fire fighting / fire sprinkler systems.

As sea water is highly corrosive, there the equipment used in such systems needs to be suitable. This include material like bronze, SS316 (which may not be the best) and other material that is applicable / resistive to sea water.

A filtration system needs to be in place to avoid sea water contaminants from damaging key equipment.

It is also common to see such systems with higher pressure and higher flow than fresh water hydrophore packages.


hydrophore system block digram

Illustrates a typical Hydrophore System


Other Features of Hydrophore packages can include:

  • Processor Logic Controller (PLC) with Human Machine interface (HMI) operated or hardwired.
  • Integrated control function and alarm options according to client’s specifications.
  • Hydrophore tank / pressure vessel is ASME U stamped or can come with other standards.
  • Stainless steel SS316 pressure tank with or without bladder.
  • Bladder in Tank can be made of BUTYL, EPDM or other material.
  • Pressure tank can be of various pressure ratings. 5 bar, 10 bar, 16 bar 20 bar etc and various sizes, 1000 (1m3), 3000L (3m3), 5000L (5m3) etc.
  • Tank can be designed as square tanks, sphere, cylinder, elliptical head (ellipsoidal tanks) and torispherical heads.
  • Tank can come with other materials, such as Bronze, Cement coated, Glass coated, Special Drinking water Epoxy coated etc.


Components / equipment used can be compliant to the following drinking water approvals:

  • - WRAS (BS 6920)

    - Italian Ministerial Order no. 174

    - KTW/UBA

    - DVGW–TZW

    - DVGW–W270

    - ACS


    - NSF 61

    - ÖNORM B 5014-1

    - PZH

    Other Declarations:

    - RoHS III 2015/863/EU Directive

    - China RoHS 2.0 – GBT 26572-2011

    - Reg. (EC) no. 1272/2008 – CLP

    - Reg. (EC) no. 552/2009 and Reg. (EC) no. 1907/2006 – Reach

    - AfPS GS 20014:01 PAK Solvent extraction

    - ADI FREE

    - BPA – Bisphenol A

    - UL – USA and Canada safety conformity

    - Allergen-free

    - Latex-free

    - 2.1 – EN 10204

    - 2.2 – EN 10204

    - 3.1 – EN 10204

    - Trinkwasser (Trinkwasserverordnung)

    - Dutch BWBR0030111 - Drinking water decision


  • Pumps can be of Centrifugal, Multistage centrifugal etc.
  • Mechanical seal for pumps can come with NSF61 UL certified standard for potable drinking water.
  • Tanks can also customised to include magnesium anode to improve water safety.


Mowe’s team of engineers are proficient in system designing and integrating which complies with marine approvals and ISO certifications. The pressure vessels used in the supply system are designed to comply with the standards of ASME, EN 13445, AD-2000, PED according to the project requirements. If requested test certificates for our products can be provided from IACS member class societies such as DNV-GL, ABS, LRS, BV, RMRS, RINA.

We have the confidence in providing the Client with a long lasting trouble-free source for water supply.


Contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more in depth design and analysis.


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