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Integrity … is our culture

“ To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought
or measured with money… And that is sincerity and integrity. ”
- Don Alden Adam


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22+ Years of Engineering and Oil & Gas

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MOWE management team & members focus on knowledge and knowhow tapping on 22 years’ experience in Oil and Gas, Marine and Power projects in FPSO, FSO to platforms. Moving on to Power Plants & Petrochemical Industries and also Water Works. With our Factory in Johor Malaysia ( Sdn Bhd ) and Headquatered in Singapore ( Pte Ltd ), it enables us to competitively deliver skid packages as well as other marine and offshore systems to clients.

Our Customers : 

mowe customers etc...

believes in the capability and commitment of the management through delivery of proper equipment and technically well endorsed systems.


Our Partners :

1.      Nakamura Koki   Nakamura Accumulators and Hydraulics – 60 years

2.               dennis nakakita       Dennis Nakakita Valves – 50 years

3.  Klopper Therm  Klopper Therm Heating / Heaters – 90 years


MOWE  always maintain to adhere Quality improvement, focusing even on the smallest detail.


Company History

Our first factory is set up in 2006 in Johor Malaysia with Headquarter based in Singapore. Moving year on with increased engineering difficulties and moving steadily towards upstream customers in Oil & Gas, indeed we have surely come the distance.

Today, with our merger with Hi Marine Singapore (a service and commissioning company), we cover Asia Pacific, Europe across to Brazil. We serviced, SBM, Yinson and various vessels and packages of various engineering difficulties.

Services included at yard, sea trial, follow vessel at voyage and Offshore.


Company Milestones

Mowe Company Milstone 2023 rev