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About Us

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“ Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces
working together. ”
- James Cash Penney

Teamwork … is our foundation


Coprorate StructureAbout

Mowe is a dynamic group. Likewise in dynamic companies, experienced personnel are performing the role of guidance to younger and junior personnel.

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Experience is passed from one level to another and vice versa. Experience and knowledge is shared and company as a complete team is able to spread good experience throughout the hierarchy.

The group focuses on human strength and believes in bringing out the best possible in humans

Due diversity of modern companies, with colleagues of different cultures, patience, tolerance and understanding is very much needed. However, it also defines the fact that experience of various societies can cultures can be brought together for the good progress of the group.

Transparency is practised and appreciated among the colleagues for enhancing cohesiveness and integrity.

Our company focuses on embracing human strength and always looking forward train personnel to the next level.


Engineering  ....    Experience  ....    Evolution  .... 


Only through unity can everyone excel.



Mowe Org Chart