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Principals / Partners

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Klopper ThermPrincipals/Partners

91 years of Klopper heating....

Klopper Therm Germany, The Specialists for Electrical Heating Systems.


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Since the foundation in 1928 the company Klöpper is an engineering consultancy for electrical materials in Dortmund. We construct our own switchgear, as well as manufacturing of heat-engineering system, pipe heat tracing systems, heat exchangers and instruments.

Today, Klöpper Therm is a strong company group combining traditional and innovative technologies to our products and services.


Summary of Capabilities:

- Steam Super Heaters ie Power Plants

- Process Controlled Heaters for all kinds of plants

- Thyristor Control Systems

- Braking Resistors

- Heat Tracing, Valve / Equipment Heating

- Standard Boilers

- Packages ie Hot water package with local partner Mowe Marine & Offshore

KLopper Products

Products of Klopper Therm:

1.   Steam Super Heaters

2.   Process Heater

3.   Hot Water Boilers – Type MB, Type SB

4.   Electric Hot Water Boilers (Electrode -Type)

5.   Electric Steam Boiler (Electrode -Type)

6.   Braking Resistors

7.   Thyristor Control systems

8.   Heat Tracing – Heating Cable , Heating Tapes

9.   Heating Circuit Controller – UNIPLEX III , UNIWIN

10. Special Heating

      - Reactor Heating

      - Heating Hoses

      - Heating for Tank Trucks and Containers

      - Heating Plates for Valves and Rotary Valves

      - Internal Pipe Heating Systems

      - Foundation Heating

11. Surface Heating – Heating Mat , Heating Systems & Control

Special Heating Klopper Therm

Illustrates Heat Tracing System


Applications of Electric Heating Systems:

• Petrochemical and Chemical Industries

• Oil and Gas Industries

• Power Stations and Refineries

• Natural Oil and Gas Recovery and Distribution

• Machinery and Plant Construction

• Industrial Gases Applications

• Electrical Motors Manufacturers

• Pharmaceutical Industries

• Paint Industries

• Laboratory and Analysis Technologies

• Plastics and Textile Industries

• Packaging and Food processing Technologies

• Ventilation and Air Conditioning Industries

• Foundrie Technologies

• Energy and Environmental Technologies


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Download Additional information:

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Klopper Therm Electrical Heating System Overview

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Klopper Therm Heaters Overview

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516  -   Klopper Therm Boilers Overview

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516  -   Klopper Therm Heat Tracing Overview


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