Heat Tracing Systems

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Heat Tracing Systems

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“ The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of our planet. ”
- John F. Kennedy


Heat Tracing Systems Heating System/Products

Electrical Heat Tracing, Heat Tape, Surface Heating and Control system. MOWE provides a whole turnkey solution including thermal insulations…

Prevention is always better than cure, this is especially true in Oil and Gas.


Electrical Heat Tracing, Heat Tape or Surface Heating, is a system used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes, valves and tanks.

Mowe partners Klopper Therm Germany in designing, customising and integrating the most suitable complete package of Industrial Electrical Heating System for use in chemical plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, power stations, etc.

 Heat tracing project

Heat Tracing takes the form of a flexible and adaptable electrical heating elements, tubes, heating wires or various heating solution run in physical contact along the length of a pipe. The pipe must then be covered with thermal insulation to retain heat losses from the pipe. Heat generated by the element then maintains the pipes at right temperature.

Heat tracing may be used to protect pipes from freezing, to maintain a constant flow temperature in hot water systems, or to maintain process temperatures for piping that must transport substances that solidify at ambient temperatures. Electrical heat tracing cables are an alternative to steam trace heating where steam is not available or unwanted.



•   High flexibility and adaptation to your local conditions.

•   Effective and economical use of the energy used.

•   High accuracy of temperature control.

•   Low maintenance costs.

•   Coordinated components.


Our services include the acquisition of customer-specific requirements, the formulation and submission of solution recommendations, as well as the complete engineering, in particular for systems in potentially explosive areas.

We supply all heating materials including all of the components required for correct operation, as well as switching and control systems tailored to the respective heating system, with the use of regulation devices specially developed for the heating control.



Heat Tracing systems are also developed for industrial applications. Design and installation of electrical heating cables and tapes for use in

•   Chemical plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants etc.

•   Explosive areas.


Fixed Resistance Heat Tracing Cables are mainly single-core heating cables with the following characteristics:

•   Defined Ohm-resistance per meter.

•   Constant heating power over the entire temperature range.

•   Variable connection voltage up to 750 volts.

•   Optimal monitoring through series connection of resistors.

•   Simple heating circuit structure for long pipelines with only one feed.

•   Less wiring effort.

•   Can be used in potentially explosive areas and also in ATEX-certified design.



2 types of Heat Tracing Cables:

i)   Plastic-Insulated Single-Core Heating Cables

  • •   Used for operating temperatures up to maximum 260 °C.
  • •   Conductor insulation and outer sheath are made of fluoropolymer.
  • •   Suitable for use in the chemical industry in aggressive ambient conditions.
  • •   Available in different designs, depending on requirements.


ii)   Mineral-Insulated Heating Cables

  • •   Used in particular for high temperatures of up to 800 °C.
  • •   Use in hazardous area, created by gases and dust.
  • •   Cost-effective alternative to single-core plastic heating cables for long transfer cables, provided that corrosion can be ruled out.
  • •   Available with different outer sheaths in copper-nickel and stainless steel.

 Mowe Heat Tracing on pipeline equipment module


Electrical Heat Tracing Tapes

Having a heating element between their two connections, allows a lower current flow at higher temperatures and thus reduces the power output in a self-limiting manner.


Main features are:

•   Temperature-dependent power output.

•   Supply voltage: 230 to 277 V.

•   Easy handling and assembly.

•   Lengths adjustable nearly infinitely.

•   Applicable in explosion-endangered areas.



•   Frost protection systems of low power density systems such as product pipelines, fire protection, process water, hot water and anti-icing (domestic technique).

•   Frost protection systems of steam-cleaned pipes.

•   Hydrocarbon and chemical plant piping.

For all heating cables, heating lines, and heating tapes, assembly-friendly connection components and various fastening materials are available. The use of aluminium foil or stainless steel foil is an advantage for improved heat distribution and to prevent foreign particles / thermal insulation between the heating cable and the heated plant part.

In all cases, good and professionally fitted thermal insulation of the heated plant parts is important and indispensable. With some applications, special solutions are also necessary with the mechanical construction on supports, flanges and capacitors. This is particularly relevant in the case of pipe trace heating with high temperatures, e.g. bitumen lines, sulphur lines, etc.




Mowe Regulation and Control



is the latest version of heating controller made by Klöpper-Therm. This is especially designed for the control and monitoring of electric heating systems, whereby it combines several functional elements in one device. Temperature controller, safety temperature limiter and current regulator are arranged in a space-saving way on a 19” plug-in board in European standard size.

Main Features:

•   High safeness by Safety Temperature Limiter (STB), certified according to ATEX and SIL-2-graded.

•   Configurable as PI or 2-level-controller.

•   Continuous control of heating circuit by driving a Solid State Relay (SSR).

•   Adjusting the desired effective heating current by an integrated current controller (pulse width modulation), reduces the number of heating cables or resistance types used.

•   Adapting the heating current to variable maintenance temperatures.

•   Large display indicating nominal, real and control values (control value indicated in bars).

•   Comfortable operating menu in different languages (language switch).

•   Serial RS-485-interface and Ethernet interface for coupling to superordinate systems.

•   Front-USB-connection for diagnosis/configuration.

•   Password-protected access on three levels.

•   Reset of limiter by tool/code entry.

•   Automatic self-testing.

•   Extended applications by additional control and limiting measuring sensors.

•   Connection of 4-20 mA sensors or set point devices.


Profibus Gateway – UNIGATE® ,

RS485 – ProfibusDP

The sub-rack Klopper Therm UNIGATE has been designed for adapting the serial interface of the UNIPLEX-controller to the ProfibusDP according to EN 50 170. It functions as gateway and works as ProfibusDP Slave. It can be operated by any master in conformity with the norms.

The gateway has been equipped with interface RS485. Thus, the profibus gateway makes an access to all devices connected to RS485-bus possible via a single profibus address. Up to thirty UNIPLEX-controllers can be operated at one gateway. The number of gateways in the profibus only depends on the maximum number of participants permitted and the cycle time of the control system. The profibus master transmits the output data cyclically to the gateway. In the gateway, the data received by the master are transmitted to the UNIPLEX controllers.

The UNIPLEX controllers respond according to the recorded conventions. The gateway records the data received by the UNIPLEX-controllers into the internal RAM. During the next poll cycle with the gateway the updated data will then be transmitted. The data exchange via the RS485-interface is parameterized on a cyclical transmission. All data are transmitted consistently from the gateway in both directions.



A visualisation software guarantees the clear display and convenient operation of the UNIPLEX III heating controllers and offers access to the current status of the heating circuits within the system. Electrical heating plants that consist of a number of individual electrical heating systems can be configured into logical process-engineering groups using the UNIWIN software. The plant structure can be assigned to these groups. For a perfect overview, all important heating circuit and plant data, the status overview, and a message archive with various sorting and selection functions are always available for access on the computer.


Switch and Control Cabinets

We designs and supplies complete distribution and control units for erection in distribution stations or outdoor installation, including in explosion-endangered areas. The heating control system are customised to customer’s specifications.


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