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Hydraulic Actuator / Pneumatic Actuator / Electro Hydraulic Actuator Products/Marine

Mowe manufactures Hydraulic Actuators, Electro-Hydraulic Actuators, Pneumatic Actuators designated to client’s requirements in the oil and gas as well as in general industrial sectors.


Mowe Single-acting and Double-acting Hydraulic Actuators are specifically designed for marine and offshore applications. Our focus in manufacturing based on compact, simple, rugged and long lasting rack and pinion design philosophy.

Wide range from 250NM to 26000NM.

Material Variations:

-  Standard Carbon Steel

-  Optional Stainless steel and other material

   Coated with tough epoxy marine paint suitable for adverse situations.

-  Stainless Steel 316

   Designed specifically for highly corrosive and acidic environments. Most suitable for submerged conditions.

Hydraulic Actuator Mowe

Illustrates Stainless Steel 316 Double-Acting Actuator.


Carbon Steel Single Acting Hydraulic Actuator MOWE

Illustrates Standard Carbon Steel Single-Acting Actuator.



Mowe Hydraulic Actuators and Valves

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516    -  Mowe Double Acting Actuators Data Sheet

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516    -  Double Acting Actuator

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516    -  Double Acting Hydraulic Actuators

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516    -  Marine Actuator

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516    -  Offshore Actuators

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516    -  Rack and Pinion Hydraulic Actuators

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516    -  Mowe Single Acting Actuators Data Sheet

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516    -  Mowe MT Series Single Acting Hydraulic Actuators

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516    -  Spring Actuator




Mowe Electro Actuator2

Illustrates a Compact Power for Electro-Hydraulic Valve Actuator.



-  Compact, electrically controlled actuator with ATEX certification

-  Integrated safety functions

-  High reliability and easy installation

Compact power – even for potentially explosive environments. That’s the strong point of the innovative electrohydraulic valve actuator made by MOWE together with HOERBIGER. It combines electric drive technology with the power density and high control dynamics of hydraulics.

The innovative valve actuator is operated entirely electrically via an interface, works independently, and requires no external hydraulic lines. The system is based on a proven compact power unit, which combines the tank, the pump, and the motor to form a powerful functional unit.

The innovative actuation concept from MOWE benefits especially suited for the energy and process industries. In addition to the compact size compared to an electromechanical actuator, its explosion protection due to the pressure-proof encapsulation is a key performance characteristic for applications in this environment. Additional benefits are provided by optional safety functions such as quick action and emergency shut-down, manual operation, or the adjustment of the control speeds.

Reducing the valve actuator to the electrical interface results in a compact design that allows easy and cost-saving installation. The actuator is largely maintenance-free–an overhaul is only required every three to five years.


Explosion protection : ATEX Ex II2GD IIB T4

Temperature range : -25°C (-13°F) to +55°C (131°F)



Our range of Electro-Hydraulic Actuators includes heavy duty scotch yoke, and heavy duty linear cylinder.

electro hydraulic single acting actuator mowe

Illustrates Electro-Hydraulic Actuator.

Electro-hydraulic Actuators are specified in areas without pneumatic or hydraulic supply when;

-  Fail safe function is required

-  Fast action is required

-  Long service life with frequent operation is required

They are also excellent for modulating control applications where their inherent ‘locked when not operating’ characteristic is very useful, as is the facility to ‘step’ the actuator in small increments.


-  Double Acting (DA)

-  Spring Return (SR)

-  Modulating (Control)

-  Torque range – up to 40,000NM

-  Thrust range – up to 10KN

-  Supply – single or multi-phase electric supply.

   Alternatively solar and battery back-up.

-  Painting – Epoxy paint to customer or project specification.

Additional Services:

-  Automation system design using CAD.

-  Design and supply of valve to actuator adaption kits.

-  Design and supply of control systems and panels.

-  Supply of complete assembled and tested automated Valves.

-  Fitting of automation assembly to free-issue Valves.

-  Fitting and Testing of customer supplied components (engineering and labour only).



Mowe partners Dennis Nakakita in Scotch Yoke or Rack-and-Pinion Pneumatic Actuators with Butterfly Valve to complete a control system package.

Pneumatics Actuators and Butterfly Hydraulic Valve

Illustrates Pneumatic Actuator and Butterfly Hydraulic Valve.

Mowe is an Exclusive Sales Distributor and Authorised Certified Service and Maintenance Partner of Dennis Nakakita both in Singapore and Malaysia, as well as in any location where the vessels/platforms could be located worldwide, including America and Asia. We repair & service all range of genuine Nakakita products & turnkey solutions/systems for oil & gas, shipping, navy, water and energy industries.

Our pneumatic actuator system is highly reliable and all equipment satisfies all requirements by major approval authorities.

Dennis Nakakita Certifications





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