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Heating Systems

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Heating Systems/Solutions integrated by MOWE is specifically designed to provide optimised, energy-efficient, reliable process control for Power Stations, projects in Refineries, Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industries applications, conforming to various water safety standards.

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MOWE partners Klopper-Therm Germany to provide the complete package in various forms of heating solutions for heating up Liquids, heating up Gases and Vapours. Klopper Therm has been in the industry for heating for the past 91 years.


Functional Principle of Heating System:

An electric heater works by converting electric energy into heat. The required exchange surfaces are established with so-called hairpin heating elements, cartridge heating elements or special heating cables, which the medium circumflows.

Advantages of Heating System:

- operation even in explosion-endangered areas.

- large power spectrum and high-energy density.

- high efficiency as the energy is almost completely converted into heat.

- high operating safety.

- simple regulating concept and high temperature constancy.

- material selection on request.

- no local emission sources.

- low investment costs.


Mowe offers various types of Heating System/Packages:

A. Steam Super Heater

B. Process Heater

C. Hot Water Heater / Boiler

D. Heat Tracing

E. Energy Braking Resistor / District Heating

F. Special Heating

G. Thyristor Control System

H. Concrete / Cold Room Heating



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