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Fire and Gas Detection SystemsMarine/Products

MOWE Experience with Fire and Gas Detection System in FSO / FPSO over the years brings customer confidence in giving us more inter-related projects as complete package and single responsibility.



We delivered the Fire and Gas detection system to FSO Orkid for SIL 2 configuration. Fire and Gas detection system can be configured to various SIL levels.

Key Features:

  • - Configurable and expandable.
    Multiple Gas or Smoke detection loops
    Single, Double or Triple PLCs with interface with FCS, PCS, ICSS
    Hot Standby / Cold Standby
    Maintenance and testing reminder features
    Alarm logging options
    Client choice of detectors and field devices.

MOWE’s Fire Detection System

is design to monitor the status of all devices on the addressable loops for fire; short circuit fault, open circuit fault, unauthorized removal, or contaminated detector or sensors.

Mowe Fire and Gas Detection Systems

MOWE’s Gas Detection System

Gasmonitor Plus offers flexibility whilst still offering simple operation. All the day to day functions are accessible via push buttons on the front panel.

As well as a rolling display, indicating the channel currently monitored, each channel has a bar graph display. This unique bar graph format is ranged to indicate readings below the first alarm setting, providing an instantaneous representation of the gas concentration on every detector.

Common alarm LEDs on the display card and individual alarms on the panel only light when a hazard or fault is detected. This means the whole rack status can be checked at a glance.


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