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MOWE completed delivery of Hot Water Skid to Shell Malikai and 3skids packages to Petronas

End 2015, we delivered Hot Water package to Shell Malikai TLP Deepwater platform. Meeting Shell's stringent standards and delivery requirements was overcome to achieve this success.


Malikai Shell Hot Water Package.


Before turning to 2016, we delivered 3 skids to Petronas for High Pressure High Temperature EOR package operating at pressure of 15000PSI.Skids include High Pressure Wash Water / Mixing Skid, High Pressure Corrosion Inhibitor Skid and an Injection Rate Control Device (IRCD) skid.

All skids were FAT in our factory in Johore. 



High Pressure High Temperature EOR package with IRCD & Flowmeters at pressure of 15000PSI for PETRONAS.


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