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MOWE’s Social and Community Contributions to Special Education Integration Program School Students (PPKI SK) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

MOWE Marine Offshore reached out to Special Education Integration Program School Students (PPKI SK) with a donation to support the school in organising a 2-days educational event for Students.

The highlights of the 2-days educational events include an educational training in the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department at Johor Fire Station & Police Station, conducting a session of Physical Therapy and various training programs for the students and more…

 Mowe- PPKI SK Pasir Gurang2 visit to Fire Resue Station20

 Mowe- PPKI SK Pasir Gurang2 visit to Fire Resue Station21

Students, parents, teachers, PPKI SK staffs, as well as our MOWE staff joined in the 2-days event. The visit to the Fire Station and Police Station is a good educational platform for all to encourage learning through experience which is important for students. This programme not only provide direct exposure and experience for the students on safety awareness, emergency safety evacuation procedures and various fire prevention techniques, through these educational as well as hands on activities, it enables the students to develop self-confidence in understanding work of firemen and policemen as well as increase their ability to manage situations.

Mowe - PPKI SK visit to Pasir Gurang Police Station

Photo session of students, teachers and PPKI SK staffs with officials of the Police Department at the end of the tour.


The last programme highlights in closing of the 2-days social event is a Birthday Celebration and Birthday Gift presentation to the students.

Mowe PPKI SK Birthday Celebration

MOWE Marine Offshore is delighted to have participated in this meaningful social event by giving them full support in the event which brings encouragement and joy to all the young ones.


MOWE’s senior staff, Ms Lina says,

“It is a joy to see these students opening up in an unfamiliar environment. They are also willing to expose to new experiences and learn to boost their confidence to deal with the public. Being here to support them has given me great joy and fulfilment.”

Mowe PPKI Special Education Integration Program School Event


MOWE will always do its part for the public to help and assist the needy to make this world a better and happier place.


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