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“ Water is our life line that bathes us and feeds us. ”

Our demand for hot water … onshore & offshore


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Hot Water Tank Calorifier System, boilers and heating solutions integrated by MOWE is specifically designed for marine and offshore applications, conforming to various water safety standards such as USCG and ABS.


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With this, we have gained the trust of renowned key manufacturers including Flowserve, Hubbell and other key instrumentation makers, ensuring to deliver world class standard package to our valued clients.

We also supply this hot water calorifier system, boiler package and other equipment to clients from oil and gas majors, yards as well as global packagers like Technip, SBM and many more.

Our systems meet NSF standards and range from:

  • -  Cement clad calorifiers
  • -  Fiberglass calorifiers
  • -  Stainless Steel and exotic metal Calorifiers
  • -  Coated Epoxy Organic calorifiers

MOWE partners Klopper-Therm Germany to provide the complete package with Process Heaters and various forms of heating solutions. Klopper Therm has been in the industry for heating for the past 91 years.


Immersion Heaters

Immersion heater is a device which is installed in a tank or container to heat a liquid.

Flanged immersion heaters are one of the most widely used methods designed for use in tanks and pressurized vessels for heating liquids (such as water, oil, heat transfer fluid and corrosive solutions). They are easy to install and maintain to provide heat for many processes. The direct immersion method is energy efficient and easily monitored and controlled.


Flanged Immersion Heaters MOWE

Flanged immersion heaters consist of hairpin bent tubular elements welded or brazed into a flange and provided with wiring boxes for electrical connections. Flange heaters are installed by bolting to a matching flange welded to the tank wall or nozzle. A wide selection of flange sizes, kilowatt ratings, voltages, terminal housings and sheath materials make these heaters ideal for all types of heating applications.

These through-the-side immersion heaters utilize standard pipe flanges ranging from 3" to 14" in diameter to support high tank pressures of liquids. They are installed through a matching companion flange, obtainable from local industrial supply houses, to the tank wall. A wide selection of watt densities, heating outputs and flange sizes and ratings make this an excellent heater for all tanks, vats or irregularly shaped vessels.


Special Features and Benefits:

  • -  Has heavy duty construction made of high grade materials
  • -  Ensures long operating life
  • -  Provides maximum corrosion resistance
  • -  Protection from extreme conditions and environments
  • -  Conforms to various water safety standards
  • -  Protection from extreme conditions and environments
  • -  System Acceptance Test performed    


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Confidence In Quality

MOWE provides Full ten (10) years Non Pro-Rated Tank Warranty) from date of start-up, provided that the unit is started within three (3) months of date of shipment and installed and operated within the scope of the tank design and operating capability. Each water heater shall be shipped with a complete set of installation and operating instructions including spare parts list and approved drawings

All our systems and products meeting Class & ANSI / NORWAY Water Safety Standards and comes with necessary certification to ensure safety and acceptance. In addition these marine products are certified with
Water Safety, ASME U Stamp and Class Certs etc.


International & Marine Approvals

Hot Water Skid Approvals


MOWE Hot Water Tank Calorifier Reference

Mowe Hot Water Calorifier Reference


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